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Cleveland, Waters and Bass, P.A. boasts an excellent group of dedicated legal professionals who work tirelessly to meet clients' needs and exceed their expectations. These paralegals provide invaluable support to their practice areas. 

Brenda Barnard

603.224.7761 ext. 1027

Practice Areas:  General Litigation, Commercial Litigation

Ashlee Bliss

603.224.7761 ext. 1013

Practice Areas: Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury

Cheryl Guerette

603.224.7761 ext. 1049

Practice Areas:  Real Estate Transactions

Kallie McDuffee

603.224.7761 ext. 1035

Practice Areas:  Workers' Compensation & Personal Injury

Monica Marcotte

603.224.7761 ext. 1054

Practice Areas:  Contracts and Business Transactions

Kristy Nepveu

603.224.7761 ext. 1010

Practice Areas:  Trusts and Estates, Real Estate Transactions, Contracts and Business Transactions

Kenneth Palacios

603.224.7761 ext. 1028

Practice Areas:  General Litigation

Cecile Stanley

603.224.7761 ext. 1036

Practice Areas:  Workers Compensation & Personal Injury

Christina Tomao


Practice Areas: General Litigation & Commercial Litigation  

Sharon Zavorotny

603.224.7761 ext. 1026

Practice Areas:  Real Estate Transactions

Leslie Grant, CPA

603.224.7761 ext. 1057

Practice Areas:  Trust & Estates

Ian Wood

603.224.7761 ext. 1055

Practice Areas:  Trust & Estates

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