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Real Estate Transactions


Our lawyers have unmatched depth and experience in the development, purchase, sale, and management of commercial and residential real estate. We identify and quantify the risks associated with owning, developing, and operating real estate and develop strategies tailored to the particular needs of each client. We also represent borrowers obtaining construction and permanent financing and in conventional and securitized mortgage loan transactions. We have excellent relationships with mortgage brokers, financial institutions, regional development corporations and other sources of capital and work with our clients who need project financing to match them with lenders well-suited for their needs.

In addition to these real estate services and those provided by attorneys in our Zoning, Planning, and Land Use practice area, the firm’s affiliated title company, Granite State Title Services, assists clients with title searches, title insurance, deed preparation, and closing and escrow services.

  • Real estate transactions, including purchase and sale agreements, option contracts, rights of first refusal, and other types of land acquisition agreements

  • Real estate development, permitting and approvals

  • Leases, easement agreements, conservation restrictions, and other instruments concerning real property

  • Environmental law, permitting, and redevelopment of contaminated properties

  • Commercial real estate financing

  • Condominium development, conversion and management

  • Work-outs and foreclosures, including pre-foreclosure due diligence, marketing techniques, and post-foreclosure property management, leasing, and sales strategies

  • Forest and property management

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